List of Products
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iNet-Db25-xx   Cable, Db25m-to-Db25f, iNet-Db25-x
iNet-Hd44mf-3m   Cable, Hd44m-to-Hd44f, 3m
iNet-100-xx   i100 instruNet Data Acquisition Box, iNet-100-x
iNet-340   i100 Mounting Bracket, iNet-340
iNet-410   i410 Card, Interface to Computer, iNet-410
iNet-420   i420 Card, 20se/10di vin, 4dio, iNet-420
iNet-423   i423 Card, 6di FilterVin, 4dio, iNet-423
iNet-430   i430 Card, A/D, 16se/8di, 4dio, iNet-430
iNet-460   i460 Card, 28dio, iNet-460
iNet-530   i4xx Card Cage Mounting Bracket, iNet-530
iNet-400   i4xx instruNet Card Cage, 4 slots, iNet-400
iNet-555-xx   i4xx Starter Kit (Usb, Card Cage), iNet-555-x
iNet-500-xx   i500 Analog Low Pass Filter, iNet-500-x
iNet-510   i510 Wiring Box, instruNet iNet-510
iNet-511   i511 BNC Wiring Box, instruNet iNet-511
iNet-512   i512 Sensor Wiring Box, instruNet iNet-512
iNet-600-xx   i60x Standalone USB Data Acquisition System, instruNet iNet-60x
iNet-1usd-Sft   iNet-1usd-Sft
iNet-Cal-7d-usa   iNet-Cal-7d-usa
iNet-Rep-7d-usa   iNet-Rep-7d-usa
iNet-200-xx   instruNet i200 PCI Controller, iNet-200-x
iNet-230-xx   instruNet i230 PCMCIA Controller, iNet-230-x
iNet-240-xx   instruNet i240 USB Controller, iNet-240-x
iNet-300   instruNet i300 Power Adaptor Cable, Version 4, iNet-300
iNet-312-xx   instruNet i312 Power Supply, iNet-312.8-x
iNet-330   instruNet Optical Isolator, iNet-330
iNet-350   instruNet World Plus (iW+) Software, iNet-350
iNet-R-xx   Precision Resistors, Pack of 8 (0.05%, 5ppm/C), iNet-R-x

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