i430 Card, A/D, 16se/8di, 4dio, iNet-430
i430 Card, A/D, 16se/8di, 4dio, iNet-430
In production, new units expected in July 2022
Price: $680.00
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Product Code: INET-430

The instruNet i430 card provides 16se/8di analog input channels with ±10V through ±10mV range and internal A/D Converter. All i42x/i43x cards directly connect to the following sensors: Volts, Resistance, Current, Thermocouple, RTD, Thermistor, Strain Gage, Load Cell, Pressure, LVDT, Flow and Accelerometer. For details on how to connect a specific sensor to specific software, click here. For i430 hardware details, click here.